Senior Partnerships Manager – DeadHappy

We want an experienced senior partnership manager to look after all areas of partnerships with DeadHappy from winning to growing them.

We’re not too prescriptive about academic qualifications in the field but relevant competencies and experience is key.

We need someone with experience in managing relationships in the financial sector, as well as B2B management.

We also need someone who understands Brand partnerships and contractual obligations and is driven by results.

You must be able to work with all kinds of people and communicate between the internal team and external customers to make sure things run smoothly, even when people are difficult and demanding.

You will be leading our partnerships in the business finding and developing new partners whilst maintaining the momentum and relationship with existing partners, making sure DeadHappy’s values and goals are always represented.

As the team is still small you will be responsible for everything partner related, developing and managing current relationships as well as growing new relationships and opportunities

You will need to make sure that targets and goals are being met and that everyone within DeadHappy knows what they need to do to achieve those, supporting and guiding to optimise end to end processes.

You will own and run all tenders for new affinity brand deals and if necessary manage the exit of partners in a way that satisfies all contractual obligations.

You’ll need to work with everyone else in the DeadHappy team to make sure we have everything needed to make partnerships a success.

Job Location: Leicester

How to apply: Send your CV to

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